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Daily Cornish News

Daily Cornish News

Our premier product. The first daily news written entirely in Cornish. We post a 100-200 word article on a World, National or Local news topic on our website every day. Accompanied by an English translation and a ‘Used Word’ list to help learners, there is something to be gained for everyone!

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Daily Cornish Lesson
Mastering Cornish

Mastering Cornish

COMING SOON! For those who have completed the Daily Cornish Lessons Course, or who already have a good knowledge of Cornish. Recieve a revision lesson every day to keep your Cornish fresh and fluent!

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Shaun McBride
Shaun has been learning, speaking, and supporting the language since the age of 13. In that time he has been involved with the Cornish Language Council as Youth Advisor, and featured on BBC South West. Shaun is a trainee Paramedic working far up north in Stoke-on-Trent, but still does his best to keep his Cornish up!
Matthi Ab Dewi
Matthi has been involved in Cornish since 1990, when he first moved from London. Matthi has recorded music in the language, and currently produces Radyo an Gernewegva, a weekly online Cornish radio programme. Matthi has worked as a news presenter at Pirate FM, and is currently freelance.